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Hi everybody. My name is Ronnie and I am new here. I have no clue what I am doing and thought I could find help on here.


This is what I want to do...start a forum for weight loss and offer for users to be able to go to a photo gallery, play games, earn points through posting, allow myself to make avatars with my psp for them..etc..etc..


This is what I have done so far....purchased a domain name through TCH.


What do I do know? Sorry but I am not exactly a computer brain...I am learning as I go.

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Welcome Ronnie :thumbup1:


Hosting and Domain names are seperate.


Did you also purchase a Hosting Account ?


When you have a hosting account, you can install a forum from your hosting cpanel (web site control panel).

There are two forums in addon scripts area of your cpanel.

Or you can download and install others as well from hotscripts.com or where ever you find them. Most should work here.

If you have trouble installing a forum script or installing from cpanel,

just ask and we will try to help.


There are also photo gallery scripts like coppermine and gallery that can be downloaded and installed. There are tutorials on our help site.

And more help in the Third Party Script Tutorials on this forum.


Just post if you need more

and again welcome to the family ;)

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You can use the phpBB forums as a standalone, or you can use the Platinum package which uses Phpnuke and phpbb Forums, basically it would look like Angel's site. If you use the standalone forums, you can do your index page by hand and place a link to the forums, giving you more feedom with site design. But that will require you to learn some html, which is a good idea either way, but the Platinum package is easier. You can email me if you need help setting it up.

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That sounds good. I may start with something like Angels and then maybe later on whenever I learn html then I can do that. Where do I find the Platinum Package or was it a choice when I purchased the Deluxe Package?

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Welcome to the forums! The best advice I could give you would be to read through TCH's help pages, tutorials, and FAQ's (Don gave you the link). If you have questions after that, don't hesitate to post it here in the forums!

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Thanks you for the warm welcomes. Cat...thanks for the link. I will look into this later tonight. My ISP went wacko this weekend so I had no access. They are fixing the problem today so I am on and off when the computer decides to work. Hopefully they will have the problem solved by the end of the day.

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