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Domain name expired


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Ok, here's the situation:


I have 2 accounts with you guys. One is my personal site. One is a guild website - the first one bought as a matter of fact. I used to be co-leader of a guild for Everquest (yeah, I know.. hush) called Harbingers of Death, and was the website admin... however, I was not the one who purchased the domain name. One of the other members had purchased the domain. We did it as a gift to the guild.


I now have no idea how to get in touch with her - she has disappeared, and what emails I've sent to her either aren't getting to her (unlikely) or she isn't answering (more likely). The domain registration has expired, and I can't even log on to update the site any more. I can't even use Cpanel for that site.


I have tried emailing the support people at the previous domain registering service (some Australian place of all things... MelbourneIT) and they have not answered me.


So, what do I do? I want to re-register the domain, but the user/pass info that she gave me to log in back in 2003 does not work anymore. I would prefer to have it registered using GoDaddy to be honest.


Any ideas as to what to do? I'm not sure what to do at this point, aside from waiting out the 1 year period for the domain name to open again, and then registering it. Meanwhile, I am paying you guys to host a website that won't exist until the domain is re-registered.



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If you are unable to contact the current domain owner, I don't believe you have any options other than waiting for the domain to become open again for re-registration. I did some looking around on the Melbourne IT web site, and according to the terms posted there, the waiting period is 75 days (not 1 year). The domain is placed on "Hold" status for 40 days after the domain registration expires, then it is placed in a "Redemption" status for an additional 30 days, then the domain is made available to the public 5 days after the 30-day "Redemption" status period has expired.

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I had a similar issue with my previous company. As it turned out, they went out of business and hadn't tho't to tell the customers. I found out by paying their office a little visit in Miami (I happened to be working about 6 blocks from their door!). You will have to wait the amount of time set forth by the company.


I'm wondering if the Domain Alert function would work in this case. (Maybe one of the more knowledgeable can answer this for us!)

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*sigh* ah well, that's what I was afraid of.

Thanks you guys for your responses. I have put in a request for the domain name once it becomes available again, and they will send me an email or call me when it does. Then I can register it myself and avoid a future fiasco :thumbup1:

Wonder where I read it took a year?? Must have been someplace else. I suppose a few months isn't too bad a wait period.


Thomas: yeah it's expired, but I wasn't the one who bought the domain and the login info I have isn't letting me log in to their site to change the info. So, I wait. :)


Thanks again for your help you guys. :(

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