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Subdomain And Ftp Users

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I used the CPanel to create a subdomain and it made the directory...but the actual subdomain doesn't work. Also I made a new FTP user and it shows up on the list, however I can't login with it. :)


EDIT: Ok, the FTP user works now, I was just forgetting the @elvenjess.com part. However the subdomain does not work.



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I can see the subdomain perfectley. Please remember that subdomains take time to filter through the internet. This may take upto 72hrs depending on your ISP.

I thought so! Its just when I made my first 2 subdomains they were ready instantly! :)


Thanks for the clarification.

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Newly-created subdomains should not take any time to "filter through" the internet. The reason this "filtering" process takes place is that local DNS servers cache information about who is the Start of Authority (SOA) for a given fully-qualified domain name (FWDN) and about what the IP is for the FQDN. When a local DNS server looks up an FQDN, it caches ("remembers") the answer about what the SOA and IP are. If another query is issued about that same FQDN within a certain timeframe (the "Time To Live or "TTL"), usually anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days, it won't go back and look it up again but will instead just serve up the answer it remembers from last time.


Since it is not possible for a local DNS server to have any cached data for a newly-created subdomain (it should never have looked it up before, since it didn't exist), then when asked to look it up it should go to the SOA (which in this case would be the TCH nameservers) to find out the IP address. If the subdomain has already been created and added to TCH's DNS, it should show up right away.


Now if you happened to check it before TCH's DNS got updated, your local DNS server might cache the "no such record" result and you won't see it right away. If you have a wildcard subdomain (such that anything.****** gets sent to www.******), it will cache that fact and re-direct you to your main page; it will then continue to do so until the TTL is expired.

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