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I have had some weirdness going on for the past 3 days with my email, it seems only to be on my ccelectronics.com domain. DNS was put in for the change on Tuesday & all seemed to have gone thru by Thursday night, uploaded site with FP no problem adjusted FP counter to make sure I was seeing the correct page; I still have my old hosting account up but have changed everything over to your servers. My email keeps fluctuating between my new account & old one just tonight it did it again; all the test mails i sent out yesterday showed up tonight with my old mail settings & new settings are not connecting

but most of today & yesterday the new settings were working fine. Could this still be a propagation issue or should I just up my medication!! Thanks.

logon for account is ccelectr

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There should be a 72hr propergation period, after this time, your ISP should be able to see your account with no problems, however the odd few do take a few more days to reconise what is going on (there lazy basically)


Are you still having problems?



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My recommendation is to find out what the IP addresses are for both the old mail server and the new one at TCH. Then put the TCH IP address into your mail client's setup instead of your domain name. That way you'll always know that you're checking mail on the TCH server, and you're not at the mercy of your ISP's DNS server.


Then, if you like, you can create a second mail account on your client to check the old server (again, by IP address) until it stops receiving any mail.


The basic fact is that for a week or so, sometimes more, while transferring domains your domain name is not a reliable way of reaching a specific server.

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All seems to be working normal again this morning hope it stays that way. Not sure how to set up an IP mailbox since both my old & new accounts are virtual server types so there is only 1 IP for the account.

Maybe it has finally cleared itself up.

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