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Am I Doing This Right?

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thanks okay here is what it is doing


i am going to the configure website first


i am entering the sites name for name for ftp site


ftp host address:



username and password

entering my name and password

that wa email to me from totalchoice hosting


ftp directory

i am entering my sites address


enter your sites address

i entered it

then i click finish


then i went to publish website


i get this message

rror connecting to FTP Server at ftpmysitesname.com.


550 ftp.mysitename.com: No such file or directory



what am i doing wrong? i am making this site for my grandma its a support site but i do not wanna offend anyone by posting the sites name...since some may not agree of persons innocence if it is ok i will post site url thanks


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Hi Tiffany,


If your domain name hasn't propagated yet (I assume it hasn't as you only joined yesterday), then you will need to use your IP address (the 4 numbers like that are in your welcome email instead of your domain name.


If it still doesn't work, try contacting one of our support team by IM (AIM, Yahoo messenger if you have them)

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That URL is showing the directory contents of your webspace. You need to create an 'index.html' file (your homepage) in order for your domain name (or ip and user name combo) to display it.


A moderator would have to tend to this, but from my point of view, it is not a good idea to publish your account user name, someone into doing harm (which would be no one here at TCH) now has half the info needed to hack into your site.

And seeing the subject matter, it will be 'controversial' to some. Just a bit of knowledge to keep in mind.


HTH, Tom

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