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How Do I Create A Web Page ?

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ok i used cute site builder i am reading everything but how do i add it to my website then? sorry for asking so many ??ss


As I understand from this you use CuteSite Builder (CSB)? If so click Configure website and follow the wizard. Then Click Publish website with the info provided here, but skip the part "Note: it will be necessary to first manually delete the default index.html file that TCH places in your web directory. You may do this by going to http://example.net/cPanel. It should not be needed.


Let me know if you use CSB and have problems. :)

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I´m not sure I understand but if I do...


When you have created your site in CSB you will automatically have a page named index.htm. When you publish your site the default indexpage will be overwritten.

So there is no index page you should need to delete manually. If your CSB works correctly it will replace the indexpage.

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If this index.html does not get automatically overwritten you will need to either delete it through a ftp client (can´t give instruction about since all works differently) or through cpanel.

If through cpanel, please do this;


1) Log in to yourtchsite.com/cpanel

2) Click on tab "file manager"

3) Locate public_html directory

4) Click the icon next to it (Do not click the underline)

5) Locate index.html

6) Click the line under index.html

7) To you right you should see several options, please click delete

8) Log out of everything

9) Republish site

10) All should be working.


Hope this helps :)

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how do i update it?


Just make changes to the design file and publish again. Only the pages with the changes will be uploaded to your website. Fast, easy.


There is also a CSB specific discussion board on the globalscape website.




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