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I think it would help to know a little more about what you're looking for. You say you're "not happy with the way it [CuteNews] archives old news" - what exactly are you not happy with? How would you like your archives stored?


I can answer specific questions about Movable Type's capabilities, but I don't know much about any of the other programs you've mentioned.

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I'm not happy with CuteNews becouse it's using a text file (I would prefer MySQL DB) which is not a good solution and I had to restore news.txt few times. When it archives old articles it's not possible to link to and display all artcles from certain month etc. There's also no ATOM Feed option :)

I was thinking about WordPress but I don't really need a CMS but a simple mySQL/PHP based news publishing script that has these ...

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Movable Type, WordPress, and Textpattern are all blogging applications, and I guess all of them could be viewed as a CMS.


Movable Type can do all of the things you've described - use MySQL, link to and display archived articles in a number of ways (individual archives, category archives, and daily/weekly/monthly archives), and it includes an Atom XML feed template by default.


Although MT can do what you ask, I would not characterize MT as a "simple mySQL/PHP based news publishing script" - most people would not consider it simple and it's not PHP based, although it can produce PHP pages and does have a PHP dynamic publishing capability.


Hopefully some of the other family members here can provide some information on the other applications you're considering.

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Like David said, those are all blogging applications but can be used as a CMS.


Worpress can do all that you are asking and is PHP based and uses MySQL.


There is also another package that may interest you called Drupal. This may be overkill and would be more difficult to configure than one of the blogging apps.

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