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Please Review Tch.

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Every now and again we ask users of our services to take a moment and rate the services that we are providing to you.


In order to keep our pricing as low as possible we do not expend many dollars in the advertising field, instead we lean on web host review sites. One such site we have been featured on is "Find My Hosting.".


I do not find their rating system very fair, we have nearly 1,000 ratings and a weighted rating of just nearly 97%. However, hosts with 40 ratings appear above us in their rating scale. Anyways I am rambling.


Please take a moment to review our services.





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Done.......I should write commercials..


"The online community (forums) are an endless supply of valuable information and help setting up and maintaining your account/site. You can find out info on hosting and just about everything else, even technical stuff. The moderators are just crazy helpful, jumping over themselves trying to help you. You need to come to Total Choice Hosting and be prepared to stay."


Big thanx to everyone at TCH!

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Done. I gave as glowing a review as I could. And I meant every word.



Actually, I submitted a seperate rating for all 3 different sites I host with TCH. Hope that helps!!

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Happily done :dance:


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:P :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:


:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:






Nothin' more than a pure pleasure.




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