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Banner Ad Designer Needed


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I am scouring the web for a good banner ad designer, but cannot find any good ones . Does anyone have any suggestions? Could you point me to their site?


Thank you





What kind of banner do you need? Maybe we could all help you brainstorm?





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What kind of banner do you need?  Maybe we could all help you brainstorm?






That's a great idea :D , we would appreciate it.


We are developing a website called Freelanza.com (http://www.freelanza.com). It will be a virtual marketplace where individuals, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium enterprises can buy and sell professional services in various categories. You are all welcome to view the site, although keep in mind that it is still under construction.


We therefore need banners, buttons, and skyscrapers to convince people how our website solves their outsourcing problems.


Here are some examples of categories where you can outsource projects through our site:


Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Banner Ads

Logo design

Copy Writing



Web Content

Software development


Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Legal Contracts

Legal Advice


Any ideas about banners (and banner designers) would be greatly appreciated. Who knows, we may even reward you with a prize :) .




Rowan Polovin

freelanza.com imagineer

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I'm sorry but if anyone would like to contact rowanp please do so by PM.


While you are looking for a designer you are also looking to create ads. The ads will (hopefully for you) generate revenue and that is against the forum guidelines.


o Family Members may not use the Forum for commercial gain.
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