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Redundant Mysql Entries

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Is there a way to avoid having multiple identical entries in a MySQL database. Visitors to my site have the option to opt-in to a newsletter by submitting their email and name to a form. This data is sent to my database, and I want to avoid people entering their info 2 or more times. Thanks for the help.

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you could add a block of code to the submission script that constructs a query to search the database based upon the info they just submitted and if it gives you a match abort the operation and display an error. if it doesnt get a match go ahead and write the info to the database.


something like:


SELECT * FROM `tablename` WHERE `email` = "$email_they_just_submitted"


and if it returns a result


die ('Duplicate record detected')

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I think this might work, but I'm new to programming with databses... (this is php, if you're using something else i cant help)


$check_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `table_name` WHERE `email_field_name` = $email_just_submitted_variable");
@$check = mysql_result($check_query,0,"email_field_name");
if $check = $email_they_just_submitted_variable {
die ('Info already in database');
else {
code to insert the info into database


Again, I wouldn't use this without having someone look at it, but I think it might work....

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