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Installing Movable Type issues


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Thanks everyone, for your welcome messages.


As some of you might know, I have been recommending TCH to hundreds of people for the last 6 months, based on TCH customer reviews on a survey I hosted on Learning Movable Type. The results of this survey can be found here: Movable Type Friendly Web Hosts.


I have some specific feedback I would like to give to TCH senior management regarding 1) the accuracy and helpfulness of the MT Intall tutorial (not accurate), 2) the helpfulness of the Live tech support (not helpful), and 3) the helpfulness of ticketed support (more helpful) during the install process.


I have been informed that TCH tech support does not actually support MT questions, yet on the MT install tutorial page, at the bottom of that page, there is this directive:

Talk with us live about your problems!


Having a web hosting problem and need an answer now? Our web hosting support team is ready to answer your toughest account questions 24/7. Feel free to reach us if you are having a problem or just have a question or two about our services. We are here to help!


So, I have some feedback regarding that.


Would someone please contact me with the email of a senior manager at TCH to whom I could direct the more detailed feedback and who is empowered to take corrective action? I'm at elise AT elise DOT com.


Thank you. It looks like you have a wonderful forum here. Great to see Tweezerman here too; he's the smartest person I know in the world concerning Movable Type.

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Hi Elise,

You can contact any member of the TCH team via the forums.


If you want a direct email address just look in the signature of any staff member. Since your concerns are with the help desk I would suggest contacting our Help Desk Manager, Robert Mulhern.

He can be reached at robertm AT totalchoicehosting.com


I would like to address your concerns about the accuracy and helpfulness of the MT Intall tutorial. Our tutuorials are created by our TCH and our customers and do become outdated as the script changes. I have notified about this paticular tutorial before and made changes to it.


I have never used MT to so I have no idea what the installation process requires. If you have any suggestion or corrections just post to the above thread and I will make them. If you want to write a tutorial for MT or any other subject we will gladly post it.

If you need anything else just let us know.

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Hello Elise,


First I would like to thank you for the recommendations, and for being so supportive of TCH.

Like all organizations we strive to be better and welcome the feedback that you as a customer can give. I would love to see more results from your survey and the areas that we seem to have issues I certainly will try to put forth improvements.


I certainly can agree that some of our tutorials need updating and will try to prioritize them to be done as quickly as possible.

Also as Dick has mentioned, if you have a tutorial that you feel would be better suited for this and would like to post it please let’s review it and go through that process.


I can normally be reached by the following contacts for one on one chat

AIM tchgururobertm

MSN tchgururobertm@hotmail.com

yahoo Robert_mulhern

my Email address robertm AT totalchoicehosting.com


I look forward to chatting with you on these issues



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