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Is it possible to use an application like MySQL-Front (http://www.mysqlfront.de/) to connect to the TCH mysql servers?


I know there is the PHP MyAdmin, or whatever it is called, but this is a pretty nice app. that I was interested in using.

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Owatagal is correct - although most of my response in that thread would not apply to you. You do need to do this:

By default, the MySQL server will not accept connections from another machine, but you can grant permission for your home PC to connect to the MySQL server.


In your CPanel, go to "MySQL Databases". Near the bottom of the page is a section titled "Access Hosts". Enter your home PC's IP address then click the "Add Host" button. (If you're not sure what your home IP address is, go to whatismyip.com in your browser.)

The rest of my response in that post is specific to using Excel (or some other program) to connect to the database through an ODBC driver. Most MySQL front-end clients (such as MySQL-Front or YourSQL) do not use an ODBC driver, so you don't need to install one.


Everything else you need to do would be done within MySQL-Front. You'll need to set up the MySQL server name (which is just your TCH domain name), MySQL username, MySQL password, and possibly the MySQL database that you wish to use when you connect to the MySQL server in MySQL-Front. If you have not done so already, you'll need to create your database, create a MySQL user, and add that user to your MySQL database in CPanel / MySQL Databases (you will not be able to do this from MySQL-Front).


Hope this helps...

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