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  1. 1. X Theme VOTE NOW!

    • Yes give us Xtheme!
    • No we dont need it!
    • Who cares!
    • BlueLagoon is #1

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I seem to recall that BlueLagoon is more stable.

Thats more important to me than looks.

I have the Xtheme on anther host, and it does not offer any more features that I can see.

And I bet for support, it makes it easier if everyone has the same cpanel. So anything that makes support easier, seems better for all.

I vote BlueLagoon :D

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I have to agree with Turtle 100%. Not because we're brethren but because we terrapins are sensible (except for that wandering around in the road thing). Cpanels are there to work with not sit back and behold.


I also understand that while not as stable as BlueLagoon it is rather costly and I would hate to see something like that impact the wonderfully affordable rates here in the future.



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Bill, comments are fair --- to vote on making X-Theme available means that we need to know the advantage/disadvantage of it, and or set up some sample screen snapshots, if not a sample web site to sign in and see.



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I looked at the sample of the theme -- why would anyone want this? It LOOKS very nice, but the buttons are just all there, in no particular order. It would be very hard to find what you need, compared to the Blue Lagoon theme where everything is grouped into a few logical categories. Much more user-friendly, even if it's not as "cool" looking.

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Even though they have legs I have to agree with my reptile relatives. I want functionality not looks. I am also more familiar with the one we have. I can use it with turtles eyes closed :D Besides, dont you guys have enough to keep running without taking time out to change a skin?

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