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Referred A Customer To You..


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Hope you can help her..


She asked this...


does anyone know of a linux based host with asp

enabled too? i know allot of windows based hosting with php on but i

cant seem to find it the other way around.



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Out of curiosity, why would you want to run ASP page specifically on Linux? The only reason I can see to do that would be if you had your own Linux server or if you wanted to use a mix of ASP and PHP or Perl.


If you're specifically looking to do ASP, I'd stick with Winders.

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Guest helpbytes

ASP is just another method of scripting and interfacing databases.


There is still ASP for linux, TCH-Raul mentioned the one I know off, and for ASP.NET there is the mono project which aims to implement it for the .NET languages, of course, these need to be installed by a host, and, are probably far off being as stable as the real thing, Microsoft IIS and the Microsoft .NET Runtimes.

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