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Slow Loading Wordpress


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Some of my WordPress installs (e.g. The Writing Salon) seem to load very slowly. (Of course, sometimes it's fast and if/when you go look, it'll probably be just fine ... !)


I poked around and found this interesting fix, but after I installed it, I got this error:


>Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sem_get() in /home2/usernamehere/public_html/classes/wp-content/advanced-cache.php on line 106


This is what he says is required:


The only “special” requirement besides those already required by Wordpress is that PHP must be compiled and/or loads the sysvsem module. This modules provide semaphores that are needed to ensure consistency of the cached data.


Either TCH doesn't provide this, or I just don't know how to turn it on. Any tips?


Side note: I'm a reseller and about to upgrade to a Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated account, would either of those have this "sysvsem" module?


Thanks again,


- Bradley

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Bradley -


If the Help Desk was not able to get the plugin working for you, you may want to re-download the plugin and try it again. WP-Cache v1.5.2 was released *today*, addressing the issue that you're experiencing:

UPDATE: since version 1.5.2 it autodetects if semaphores are available, if not it uses flock().
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