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Ok, I have tried putting music into my website at www.ourlilbear.com

I have tried several different file types and nothing works!

The last attempt was with mp3 files, they played just fine upon preview but then when I publish, no music!

Has anyone else had this problem?

Please help if you can.


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If you are in the habit of previewing your site, you may have the publishing option checked to publish to local html folder. That is great for defining where your preview will be stored.


But when you publish/upload to your website at the host server, you should UNCHECK the box for local HTML folder (in your publishing options). That option can and DOES interfer with the upload of the music files and others.



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While on your page I found something else I needed to mention that can cause difficulty.




Anchors and page names that do not follow standard formatting can cause corruptions in your tlx design file. Remember to use lowercase, no spaces and no symbols except the underline (mypage.htm, my_page.htm are fine, but my page.htm is incorrect)


I found this anchor on your home page:


It tells me that you have an anchor that contains spaces AND symbols both:

let's talk about it is the anchor in your design file, and CSB translates that to let_s_talk_about_it___1 because the spaces have to be filled and the ' must be replaced. If the anchor were named lets_talk or letstalk, it would be named properly. CSB gives no warning on this issue and just corrects your error (that you did not know about) as best it can. The program suggests anchor name based on the local text when the anchor is placed and unless you know better, you would accept the text it shows in the anchor window!


Avoid the future problems that improper naming causes and make your anchors and page names follow standard formatting.


By the way, downloadable file names follow the same format! Music, video, pdf files, etc should also be lowercase if possible (some servers are very case sensitive), should have NO spaces or symbols in the name. Use an underline instead of spaces. Having improper names may make it more difficult for CSB to generate correct HTML code.



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