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Stopping A Plagiarist


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It's recently come out that there is a plagiarist making the rounds on some online journals. Editors and authors are working together to get his work removed, and that all seems to be going well--generally everyone's working together to get this sorted out.


I'd like to take it a step furhter and try to get in touch with his ISP and see if they will shut down his account. Granted, he isn't spamming, so it might be hard, but he's definitely plagiarizing work. Would an ISP even care about that?


His email is not from his ISP--it's through Zap Zone (zzn.com) and is spoofing a legitimate organizaton. We'll get in touch wtih Zap Zone as well, and the organization that's being spoofed. Zap Zone might not do anything, but the organization might put up a notice.


My main problem is I don't know what I'm looking for in the emails to determine his ISP. How do I figure that out? Any help would be much appreciated--I know there's no guaruntee we could actually get his account shut down, and he could definitely come back on any other account/email address he likes, but we don't have to make it easy for him.

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