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Directory Browsing Enabled By Default?

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Hi folks.


I was setting up a site and I noticed that if you don't have an index file, it shows you the directory contents i.e, directory browsing is enabled by default, which presents a security risk.


Why isn't this switched off as a default?

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You can also put an index file in your reseller account > skeleton > public_html folder and then any accounts you create will have that index file.


To display the skeleton directory path in WHM

Click on the Skeleton Directory link in the Account Functions menu.

The skeleton directory path is now displayed


You can also have a default .htaccess file for your accounts.

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I'm just guessing but I'd say it may be the way the software works that we use to provision accounts. Some things, like Cpanel, come preconfigured a certain way and it would take an act of Congress to change them.

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