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How To Get Domain Name Back


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I have a friend (no really, its not me :) ) who wants to register a domain name which is already registered but expires in 2 months. Is there any way of prebooking the domain so that if it is not renewed he can purchase it or does he have to wait for it become free. Out of interest when looking up the domain owner it says "transfer lock guard enabled", any idea what this means ?


Thanks, John Carpenter

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Hi John


I think he can back order the domain here

Back Order


And on the transfer lock guard. I believe that is so no one may make any changes to your registration other than the owner.


I am sure there will be more detailed info to follow this up very soon.


Good luck to your friend,



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Some registrars will let you "backorder" a domain name for a certain fee (at GoDaddy it's $18.95), and if the name expires they try to grab it for you. There's no guaruntee you'll get it even if the current owner doesn't renew the name, and your money won't be refunded under any circumstances-- the owner renewing, the owner not renewing but someone else getting it, whatever. I know GoDaddy will let you reapply the $19 to another backorder name, to try to grab it instead, but they won't outright refund it to you. Other registrars might be different.


So yes, it's possible, but you have to pay more for it and there's no guaruntee.


I could speculate on the domain transfer lock, but I'll leave it for someone who actually knows the right answer.

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one comment on backordering.


your request i pilled upon other ones. so if one domain has 25 backorders, its first come, first serve.


if you really want the domain find out when it expires and snipe it. :)


I have been waiting for 18 months for a domain name. It expired and i grabbed it.


It went live lastnight, I am so very excited.



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When the domain expires, it's doesn't become available immediately, you will have to wait 30-60 days or so for it to be released to the public, check out the domain life cycle pic for more info:



To check the status of a domain name, you may use this site:


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