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:tchrocks: At the moment I have a high ranking in yahoo, and was thinking of redoing the index page to cut down the content.

How important is the content in regards to rating?

Are links the main thing that get you rating and it doesnt matter about content.

Does the content have anything to do with people finding you when searching or is this mainly the tags.

Sorry if these are stupid questions but this is my first site and have been strugling for the last year to get a rating and dont want to loose it because of my lack of knowledge.

I keep doing the suggestions that have been give my on this forum which have helped greatly, thanks everyone, but now that I want to change the index page content completly, I am worried I may loose my rating.



Steve :dance: :D :wallbash:

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"Content is king," some would say. For Google, links are very powerful. For the others content weighs heavily.


If you have good ranking on Yahoo and others then I'd advise not chasing Google's ever-changing algorithms. If it is an issue of wanting to make a better experience for your customers then changes are probably in order.


The tags are almost totally unused by the engines for placement. Most every engine looks at content because the tags were abused so badly. Put them in for sure... the "description" tag is sometimes used for the entry on the engine so make it read nice.

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