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Virus Alert - Using Im As Transport Means


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From Tech Republic:

Virus Alert: Worms set Trojan horse trap


Virus Name: Win32.Kelvir.a, Win32.Serflog.a (aka Sumom)

Rank: Medium to high risk

Type: e-mail worms

What it does: Worm drops multiple copies of itself, regenerates on IM startup

Means of transmission: Win32.Kelvir.a spreads via a URL inserted in an Instant Message, modifies IM software registry entries and forwards itself to all IM contacts. Win32.Serflog.a presents itself as an IM attachment and copies itself into folders shared by peer-to-peer e-mail clients.

How to recognize: Win32.Kelvir.a presents itself in an IM that reads "omg this is funny." Win32.Serflog.a affects MSN Messenger users and includes the message "???? Omg click this."

Who is at risk: MSN Messenger users

Virus brief

Antivirus companies on Tuesday flagged a new worm targeting MSN Messenger and a variation of an existing threat. Security researchers discovered the appearance of Win32.Kelvir.a, a new twist on the previously identified Kelvir threat. Researchers also identified a new worm in the wild; caked Win32.Serflog.a or Sumom. Both worms are rated medium-to-high risks.

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