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Multiple Users - Ftp Access, Etc.

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Hello, we host our school web page at TCH: http://ncs-nj.org.


I want to give my teachers the ability to upload and manage their own web pages.


I already have a directory called "teachers" on our web server and have been uploading files given to me on CD.


I want to let teachers FTP the files themselves but I want them to have their own username/password and not be able to see anything other than the teachers folder.


Some may want to use Frontpage as well. Is this possible?





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you can do that if you want them to use a subdomain of your site. I have my brothers set up similar to what you are describing.



todd.jensenconnection.com etc etc.

they all have their own ftp access that allows them to only see their own folder.

all you have to do is go to manage FTP accounts- add FTP account create a user name and password- point to the directory that you want them to have access to.

keep in mind that their username will be their "login"@ncs-nj.org

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This instance isn't a violation of the AUP, as interpreted and explained again to me a few minutes ago. So I can respond now :oops:


Following the steps above will net you a folder for each of the teachers, by login name. This will can also reflect their own little sites.

However, talking with one of the paid staffers has alerted me that you will quickly run out of room on your site should you do too many sites or not properly manage them.

Additionally, FrontPage is not always very friendly when dealing with subdomains, so be aware of that possible pitfall.

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Charging for providing the space or pointing a different domain name at a subdomain would be examples of violations. Allowing family members to use space or allowing other people to have ftp access to maintain a certain part of the site where the subdomains are still related to the main site are fine.


It is important to note, however, that ultimately the account owner is responsible for all content on the site and insuring that all persons with access abide by the AUP. If you give someone access and they do something in violation the whole site can be suspended.

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Thanks all. So subdomains are the answer.


No problem enforcing the AUP.


I'm the district webmaster and the whole reason we want to move our teachers' sites off personal servers onto ours, where we have direct access and control. If need be, we'll buy more space.



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