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Using Cms Or Separate Scripts


Should i use a CMS or separate Scripts  

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  1. 1. Should i use a CMS or separate Scripts

    • I would use a CMS
    • I would use separate Scripts
    • Your decision

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Hello everybody


I am planning a heavy informational site that will contain FAQs / Q&As and forum for guest and members to exchange info with one another and a help desk for them to submit problems they may have with the site or questions they may have. and a download section to download tutorials. :)


Ok the reason for the poll


Say I have a CMS and I do something that causes the CMS to fail then my oh site go’s down in one shot but if I use separate scripts and say the forum go’s down but the rest of the site stays up right, but on the flipside if I have members that means I have to go to every script I have and insert them as a member and as for themes having the right color combinations though out the site which is hard to do with different scripts no one wants to go to a site that is bright yellow and hurt there eyes. :) There is a lot of other things to put but you get the idea.


Ok I said the basics of it please cast or vote :group:

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hello everybody


i want to say thany you to every body who voted

this poll has been valuable to me


again thank you for voting :)

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