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I tried a few test downloads of raw log files, and saw that they download as zipped .com files. The files have a file size of zero. I'm assuming this is because we don't have our domain pointing to the server yet?


With our current hosting provider, who shall remain nameless, we get plain text .log files, a new one created each day, that we analyze with WebLog expert. Do you know if we'll eventually end up with plain text files? And will they need to be processed in some way before analysis? (Changing file extension, etc.)



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But be aware that there's a bug in cpanel, so the log rolls over about one or two days before the month ends. And then it might roll over one more time for good measure. Which means unless you work around that, you'll lose at least a few hours worth of logs each month.


Just a heads up. This is common to ALL hosts using cpanel.

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