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Domain(s) And Hosting


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I have been wanting to buy hosting and a domain for awhile now, and, while researching this, I happened upon your site. I have really enjoyed reading the various postings in your forums--very informative for me, since I have never done this before!


I am unfamiliar with some of the hosting "terminology", so if this has already been asked/answered, I do apologize. I would like to purchase two domain names (which are available), but actually use only one at the present time. I would buy the second domain for a future use. I have seen various posts which refer to parking domains, but I am not sure if this is what my situation will be?


I appreciate any information you may care to provide. This is a very nice site!




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Hi Lee, welcome to the forums.


bellringer is correct. You can purchase a domain name and just leave it sit without having a web site to use it with. Good to do if you want to reserve a domain name.


And you can also park that domain over the domain you actually set up. Then entering either domain name will take you to the single web site. There is no charge to park a domain over an existing domain.


When you purchase a hosting account you can only host 1 domain within that hosting account (excluding parking another on top of it).


To host 2 domains with different content requires multiple hosting accounts or a reseller account which allows you to add as many web sites as your space allows with separate domain names.

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Hi there I have a question along similar lines.


Ive been with TCH for nearly 2 years now and I was thinking of upgrading to a Semi-dedicated package. If I were to purchase your Semi-Dedicated packaged, would I be able to host more than 1 site on my hosting, as it doesnt seem to state this on the order page.

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