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Need Photoshop Help


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I'm somewhat (okay, very little) familiar with PhotoShop. Using PS 5.0.


I'm changing the psd file on a new template for a new website and I finally figured out how to change the text where I needed it. YAY! Don't ask me how long it took - you'd die.


Anyhow, I've got a few questions and I can't find answers anywhere. Can someone help?


1. I saved the new psd file as something else. What do I do with the old psd file?


2. I'm not sure what to do with the new psd file - how do I get it to show up in my index.html file - with the new changes? I'm updating my template in FP2002.


3. Am I supposed to rasterize (whatever) the newly created psd file or something?


4. FYI - Someone could make a killing on an e-book showing step-by-step how to change psd template files!!!


5. Wanna see my new website? Don't laugh - it's not finished yet and I've got to figure out how to get the new psd file to show up. http://www.patriotictroops.com


6. I'm brain dead, going to sleep now - so if you post a response, it'll be tomorrow before I get back.


7. Thank you in advance - anyone - who helps me.


8. I think I've said it before - but here it goes again - - :clapping:



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Hi Shelle,


I hope this helps...


It hard to say exactly without seeing the PSD file, but here are my guesses:


1. Keep the old PSD as a backup.


2. The PSD file is probably set up with slices (so it saves the image as separate components and not one big image file). To view the slices, go to view and select extras. What you'll want to do is to go to File, Save to Web. A screen will pop-up where you can adjust the type of images output, gif, jpg, png and their quality. Once you have adjusted that to your liking hit Save. Here you can select a folder to save it too. Under "save as type" you can select to either save the images only, or save HTML and images. You may like to select images only then take only the images that changed and replace your current images with the new ones.


3. No


4. haha


5. It looks good so far!


6. Have a nice sleep!


7. You're welcome, hope it helped.


8. I'm sure you have said it before :)

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Hey GroovyFish! I didn't get an e-mail telling me I got a response! Sorry!!


Thank you! Thank you!!


Got a few more questions:


1. As for the PSD file, it has all these lines on it. Is that slices????


2. What file type do I need to adjust the image output to? I'm guessing .gif, but I'm not sure.


3. I need to save the images (because it'll create several images, right?) in my web folder under the images folder, right?


4. Save as type - which is better? Just images or HTML & Images? What's the difference?


5. I think the template comes with a CSS file that allows me to create a drop down menu. I don't know much about CSS and I'm wondering if saving the images as images or both will affect that...


6. You gonna write that e-book and get rich? You should!


7. Template only looks good so far because someone else created it.


8. I slept well, thank you! Did you?


9. Yes, I have said it before. And will keep saying it!


10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

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Hi Shelle,


Yes, we have talked before :P I think I helped you set up Gallery.


1. Probably...if you look, each slice should have a little number on it.


2. It would be best to use the same format that the original template is in. That way, you don't have to change the HTML.


3. Personally, what I would do is to save them to a separate folder, then drag over any of the images that are changed...making sure to keep the same file name. Depending on the original file names, when you save the images out, it may not name them the same as what you already have uploaded, or what the HTML file is looking for. So you will need to do some comparing.


4. Since you already have the HTML page that came with the template, I would save the images only and use the original HTML. It will probably be differnet than what Photoshop would output.


5. If you don't name the new images the same as the "old" images then you will need to make changes to both the HTML and the CSS.


6. I've never used a pre-made template so I bet that every company does it a little different. That would be a big book LOL.


7. I'm sure it will look even better when you get done with it :)


8. I would have if hubby didn't SNORE!! :)


9. LOL


10. You're welcome!

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Ok first thing first think puzzle <_<

I know you did some things already but I would like to give step by step just to be on the safe side


1) Open the original psd

2) Edit what needs to be edited

3) save it some where on your system



Ok now you are going to make a note of the files you will be replacing like names and format and how many images there will be in the end. All these images when put together will be one big image

Ok now that you know names and format lets continue :blink:


4) Open the image you have saved previously

5) In to the menu at the top “go to file>>save for web “Note I have Adobe Photoshop CS so the words may not be the same but it should have something similar “

6 now here you will see your image if you look to your right you will see a menu with details on how you would like you image to come out : detail and quality” and in what format. :w00t:

“I hope you took note of what format and the names of those images”


Ok after selecting the format you will click ok then one by one it will save all the parts of the image as each one asks you, name it accordingly to the names you saw after line 3).


Note is always good not to replace the originals with the replacements until you are certain that you don’t need them any more so in following that rule lets go ahead and in the folder where the original images are make a new folder and name it originals now move all images to that folder. B)


now when you save you can save to the folder that the originals were at. Now when you look in that folder you will see your images that you created and a folder saying originals or what ever you chose to name or folder


And your done just upload :lol2: B)

:D :)

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GroovyFish and Mr. Lucas -


Thank you guys!!


Uhm, I'm thinking that I need to scrap everything I've done and do something with a template I can change.... LOL


I'm confused on these issues:


1. The only file I'm changing is the index.html file I think. Right? It has buttons and a graphic logo on it that I want to change. Is each button it's own separate file? I'm confused!


2. What format do I need to make note of? What files? I'm lost! ARGH!!!


3. I'm going to print out both of your notes and try to follow them step by step. I just don't understand the file and file names and types. Can you give me an example so I understand??


4. When you edit the original PSD file, how do you retain the font type? And, I lost the tiny "down arrow" graphic on the button too - how do I keep that? I saw no way to just "change" the text on the buttons - only how to delete it and create my own.


5. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? This stuff is too hard to relay to someone. :)


...*sigh* And I like to think of myself and somewhat computer literate...


Groovyfish - - did you notice that I lost the Gallery? I lost it in a virus my computer had and it corrupted my files on my server... :dance: I"m sorry. You were sooo wonderful helping me. I finally decided to just use the FP picture placard program and it works for my purposes for now. Bless you!! I didn't want you to think that your work was all in vain.


Thank you both!!!


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First off I'd like to show you a nice little tutorial, same thing as what Mr. Lucas said but it has pictures. Just remember though always adjust your file types. Some tips to remember.


1. If you have many blendings of colors, such as a photograph, you'll want to use the jpg format. ALWAYS keep the quality under 40 percent, around 20 percent if not too much of the quality is lost. The downside with jpg is that it can't go transparent. Plus is that it's much smaller than gif in many situations.

Good example of an image I made suitable for jpg compression:



2. If you have an image with many parts of it filled with the same color, your best bet is the .gif format. This is because gif treats the fill differently than jpg. It treats it as a fill of color, while is smaller, while jpg treats it as if it's a blend and wastes the memory space on the filler color. Also use gif if you want transparencies of course.

Good example of a good gif:


You can see the halo of blue on it. Look at the top of this forum and you won't recognize that there are sharp edges on the text - that's courtesy of the halo. You can also see the simple fills, and few colors used.


3. Make sure to set your mattes if you plan to be the only one using them. What the matte does is it creates a halo on portions of the gif that arn't completely filled with a color. This halo will basically create a "ring" around the gif, in most cases, but the gif will blend much more smoothly into your site. If you want other people to use the image, it's best not to since you don't know what backgrounds they will be using.




It looks like you're using ImageReady to create that page for you? If so, there's not much I can do for you about that except to suggest you learn html. :P http://www.w3schools.com/ and look at the nav on the left, click HTML.


For what it's worth, generally most of the files on the internet are GIF or JPG's. You'll occasionally find PNG's, which are nice because they compress better and have alpha transparency, but those arn't too common yet since some of the older browsers don't support PNG's features, or just the image itself. (for example, IE can't see a PNG image's alpha transparency. with alpha transparency you don't need a halo.)

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