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Router Affecting Ftp Speed, Everything Else Good.


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I have a Linksys 4-port router labeled as "Network Everywhere".


Recently I've come to discover a rather odd situation regarding FTP transfer speed.


When my computer is hooked up directly to my modem, I achieve what I would consider normal FTP speeds of around 250kbs for download ... that approach 300kbs. However, if I go through my router, those speeds are cut by about 90%, starting very briefly at 50kbs and eventually going down to 10 to 20kbs. This is testing through my account on TCH. <<< UPDATE - Seems to be account related v.s. modem. See below.


I am running 3 computers and my Vonage VOIP phone through the router. The phone is a 10base, while the computers are at 100base.


2 of my computers run Mandrake LInux. And they each have FTP loaded so I can transfer files using this method. On a computer-to-computer transfer I reach speed of about 10MB/sec. So a recent 100MB transfer that I just tested took a little less than 10 seconds.


So my results are confusing. On one hand I have slow FTP transfers that seem to directly indicate that the router is the issue, but on the other hand a computer on the network can achieve the maximum theoretical throughput.


Oh, BTW, download speeds on tests through toast.net seem to run right to the max, achieving 2-5mbs, averaging at about 3.5mbs.


What's the deal here? Anyone have a clue?






ADDED: I've also reset the router to factor defaults. No change.

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... update ...


I have a reseller account with 3 major sections set up. And I am getting 3 distinctly different results.


One I get an average download of 210-230kbs

Another 35-40kbs

And the last at about 14-15kbs


Each account is very consistant on the speeds. The first one I would say is "normal". I'm not sure where the others get their speeds.


Time for a ticket. :1eye:

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All are on the same servers. 3 seperate domains.


I've put this info in a ticket, but just for giggles ...


In connecting to my accouints, it doesn't matter what domain name I use, just the account ID and pass.




domain123 with ID of id123

domain345 with ID of id345


if you connect to domain345 with id123, you will see the files from domain123.


Here's the weird part ...


When I connect to my main reseller domain, no matter what ID I use, the transfer speeds are very fast (225 to 350kbs). So I can transfer all my files quickly, as long as I use the main reseller domain as the domain to contact with.


I hope this was easy enough to follow. If you're not a reseller, it may be confusing.


Thanks for your interest!



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Bill ... just saw your post here. Received your ticket response a while ago.


I absolutely agree with you. :blush: Again, not my biggest priority (and hopefully not yours). But I thank you for looking into this.


My results were just very confusing on this. The only way to know for sure was to have some test through as you did.


Is it my router? Probably. I'll bypass it and try it out on all 3 accounts.


If it is, I'm not sure what a fix might be. I've reset the thing to factory defaults and things still remain the same. And why would a router behave so much differently depending on the domain/IP ... especially on the same server? It's just a baffeling question that doesn't make any initial sense.


For the immediate next few hours, I do have more important things to bang my head against :)


My thanks to you Bill and to Joe for his suggestion as well. :)


You guys are always the best!

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Any news on this yet?


Just wondering what you came up with.


I do have a spare SMC 8 port DSL/Cable Router here if you need one for testing.  I would be more than happy to get it shipped out to you.


Just let me know.




Bill -- I thank you so much for your very generous offer.


I don't have anything concrete to report on this just yet, I have noticed a marked improvement on a test I conducted yesterday between 30% and 60% of maximum bandwidth on the troubled domains. However, even this test may be faulty.


These last few days my ISP has had a remarkable number of issues. Thus, I don't trust any number I get until I see a reasonable level of stability. I don't want to report failures that aren't true.


I'll probably attempt something tomorrow or Thursday as today's response was relatively stable.


Thanks again for checking back on this. I'm proceeding cautiously.



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For anyone who may stumble upon this thread and wonder how this ended ...


I changed nothing on my end. In fact, since this only has been a problem in downloading through FTP, a few days passed where I didn't give it much though.


But today I'm downloading backups and just thought I'd leave everthing as it was and just do it and see what happended. Well ... all I can say is magic happened. :blink:


I can only suspect that my ISP, which experinced connectivity issues shortly after I started to report these issues, fixed something.


In the end I'm just happy to have great ftp speed averaging about 400kb/s, which taps out my internet speed. Yahoo!!!! Full speed ahead. ;)


Bill H

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