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Stats And What One Part Is Telling Me...

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:blink: Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25) - Full list - Last visit

2 different robots Hits Bandwidth Last visit

Googlebot (Google) 14 188.39 KB 17 Apr 2003 - 06:33

Alexa (IA Archiver) 10 145.82 KB 18 Apr 2003 - 00:39



Can anyone tell me what the above means? Its in Cpanel under my stats..


aslo this


Connect to site from

Origin Pages Percent Hits Percent

Direct address / Bookmarks 398 24.2 % 398 1 %

Links from an Internet Search Engine - Full list

- Google 5 5

- DMOZ 1 1

6 0.3 % 6


I thought this would mean I was indexed with Google but when I do a search for my site, its not there?

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This confused me when I started a few months back.


Have a look at This thread


Google has been to your site, but it takes a couple of months before it starts to display it consistantly.


For the first few weeks I found that some days it was there, then the next it wasn't.


Time to sit back and wait :blink:



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My pleasure,


Like you I'm new-ish to web design / hosting (I started in Jan really) and I've recieved lots of help here, it's a great family. When I know something about a topic because of what I've learnt and the mistakes I've made I'm more than happy to pass it on :blink:


I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.





TCH Rocks

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