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Egroupware Install


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For the past few months I've been using SquirrelMail as my webmail software (thanks to dennis levens for the tutorial detailing how to install a stand-alone copy of squirrelmail).


While I enjoy and use some of the SM plugins, I would really like to have a "one-stop shopping" place to go to check my email, keep up with my address book, and keep my calendar up-to-date. I've found an open source 3rd-party software app that does all that -- eGroupWare.org.


I've installed it. Everything is working great except for the email application. I can retrieve my email, but when I try to send email I get the following message:


 => 550

[msg] => Administrative prohibition


[desc] =>

[server_chat] =>

c->s: fsockopen(mail.xxxxxxx.com,25,0,,5) ; returned: Resource id #79

s->c: 220-server80.totalchoicehosting.com ESMTP Exim 4.44 #1 Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:28:24 -0500

s->c: 220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited,

s->c: 220 and/or bulk e-mail.

c->s: EHLO www.xxxxxxx.com

s->c: 250-server80.totalchoicehosting.com Hello www.xxxxxx.com []

s->c: 250-SIZE 52428800

s->c: 250-PIPELINING


s->c: 250-STARTTLS

s->c: 250 HELP


s->c: 334 (authentication stuff goes here....)

c->s: (authentication stuff goes here....)

s->c: 334 (authentication stuff goes here....)

c->s: (authentication stuff goes here....)

s->c: 235 Authentication succeeded

c->s: MAIL FROM:<dan@xxxxxx.com>

s->c: 250 OK

c->s: RCPT TO:<dan@xxxxxx.com>

s->c: 250 Accepted

c->s: DATA

s->c: 354 Enter message, ending with "." on a line by itself

c->s: .

s->c: 550 Administrative prohibition



Is this error message telling me that I can't use any 3rd-party email software app besides SquirrelMail, NeoMail, and Horde or is it a problem with my configuration of the software? If it's the latter, I'll keep plugging away to fix my configuration. If the software app isn't allowed, I'll remove it and be content with SquirrelMail.




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