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ILLOGICAL, If what you mean is that when users go to www.****** you want them to see a different page then your Forum. you will need to create an index.htm or index.html or and index.php file and place it in your public_html folder.


I DO think you Should read THIS posting Prior to making changes.


Seems to be the opposite of what was done ? no ?

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ok guys i tried the public folder thing either i didnt do it right, or somethin.


i have a phpbb board. i am in serious need of wantin to put this homepage on.


What do i name it?


and where does it go?


and where is that located?(where it goes)




sorry im a lil new to this. may need to break it down for me somewhat.

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A "homepage" and "phpbb board" are two entirely different things (like the difference between a cat and a dog...the only thing they have in common is that they have 4 legs.) The only thing a "homepage" and "phpbb board" have in common is that they are both found on a website. If it is a homepage you are wanting, that is called index.html. See TCH-RobertM's instructions a few posts up. If it is phpbb, the basics are installed automatically for you. See this link for more information.

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