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Uk Hosting Pricing Announced

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I am proud to announce pricing on our new "UK" DataCentre based hosting accounts.


At this time we will not be including any additional fee's for customers wanting to be hosted on our "UK" servers.




If your on a current USA based server and would like to move to our UK based servers simply drop us a help desk ticket we will move your accounts to our new "UK" servers.


All of our "UK" servers are using our new DNS3 and DNS4 name servers, so if you're an exsisting customer using the older name servers you will need to change your DNS.


So there it is, the big announcement in our "UK" pricing.


Effective today we will start placing accounts onto our "UK" servers.



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GREAT!!! :dance:




I just sending my ticket to request the move...


And again, thanks for all... all you are a "model" of GOOD company (customer support, servers improve, technical level, response time, ....)


Greetings from Spain.

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I've been transferred within two hours and more one hour then two :)


Very smooth transition and all seems to be working fine :)


Great job Bill and all other employess (especially Kris for transferring me )


And does it make a difference. Yes:

ping totalchoice site : avg 112 ms

ping woesap on UK server: avg 27 ms :)


Is this significant... well there both low !


Another satified customer!

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Hi Tixx,

First let me welcome you to the forums, :P


If you need to change your DNS settings you would need to contact the registrar that you purchased your domain name from and make the changes with them.

If you need further assistance with this just let us know.


thank you

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