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Question About Coding :d


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I forgot to add this...


If you do want it colored I think the code is this:



This one works for me anyway. :blush:

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I dont think thats possible unfortunately. Only colors will work I believe and the effect will only work in I.E.


Hmmm.. thanks for your reply :blush:



That site is just using a colr for the scroll bar

and as Thomas says colors in the scrollbar is an IE thing,

and not always well received by most if the scrollbar in hard to see.


Don't most people use IE?



I know that there's a way to do this in Javascript, but I can't remember the site with the instructions.


I'll keep looking.


Thanks Marie! I am looking on Google now too. LOL



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I found a link to something that might be what you want:



Look in the left corner for mini window (iframe I suppose) and scroll it.


Thanks Thomas - that actually is the coding I used to put the main frame in the middle of the gate for that website.


I want to be able to use an image in the scoll bar on the far right.



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hey whoahorse, here is some pretty neat stuff as well that might fit into what your doing







LOVE that link! Thanks! I am reading it now!





Might I make the suggestion that when you scroll the Window, the image doesn't scroll? It doesn't look as good that way...


Using Firefox.





The image is not supposed to scroll. :sweatdrop:



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