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Important Help Desk Notice!

Head Guru

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Many users have been complaining that the help desk replies via email were very difficult to use. Enter ticket key numbers and so on.


We have just completed a major upgrade to the emails sent out from the help desk.


No longer will you need to copy and paste the Ticket Key. No longer will you need to deal with broken or non-working ticket keys.


I hope users enjoy this newly added tracking feature to our help desk.



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I'm really not very happy about this! :)


I mean, please ... at least give me something I can use!


Anyone who has been here for some time knows it will be weeks, months or longer before we experience a problem and THEN we will be able to experience "the new ticket system".


Come on Bill ... can't you do better!!!! Give me something I'll actually use!


I guess I'll just have to wait forever before I get to see what great things you've come up with when submitting a ticket! *sigh*



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Unfortunately, I've had to use the help desk system this morning! I must say it was sweet not having to put in the ticket number and all that. It just logs you right in to your ticket...no effort required on your part!


Nice upgrade...Thanks!!

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