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Support For Web Site Forwarding/masking Query


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I belong to an organization that currently has two domains (hosted by separate Hosting Services). They have appointed me to investigate consolidating the two domains at a single Hosting ISP and after I showed them your Hosting documentation and rates they want to move to TCH (where I have my own personal domains hosted). There are a few questions that need to be answered however.


If possible, they would like to go with one not two hosting accounts (with the 2nd domain "Parked" over the first and sharing its Web Space and Bandwidth).


OTOH, they would like the two Web Sites to appear to be separate like they are at present. IOW: They want one site to be www.domain1.org and the other to be www.domain2.org (but mapped/forwarded to either domain2.domain1.org or www.domain1.org/domain2 and "masked" so the Browsers show www.domain2.org not the real location). Since we will be Registering the Domains with GoDaddy and they offer this Forwarding/Masking capability this can THEORETICALLY be done.


The First question is if this type of thing is against the AUP/TOS. Secondly, if it is permissible, do you offer this capability or will we need to have the 2nd domain (the one that will be Forwarded/Masked) supported by the GoDaddy DNS Servers so we can take advantage of their Forwarding/Masking support.


Obviously if this type of thing is against the AUP/TOS, our only option is to have separate accounts for the two domains.


I await a reply to this query and any advice you can offer as to how we can proceed.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply. I had feared that it was not going to be allowed. I did find a FAQ that said it was not supported but it only referenced the subdomain case NOT the alternate of pointing at a secondary directory (www.domain.TLD/directory). You might want to update the FAQ to mention this case also.


As to the "Get a Reseller Account" suggestion, that is too expensive for this one-time need. I guess we will need to go with separate domains after all.


BTW: I fail to see WHY you are restricting this option SO LONG AS THE DOMAINS are registered to the same organization. There is no difference, IMO, between this and having two or more Web Sites (as you allow) under ONE Domain Name.

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