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I have installed WordPress twice now and I cant seem to get the comments to work on my web blog.


I initially installed WordPress and went through the options of the blog and thought maybe I just had set it for no comments. After looking and looking, I decided it would be better to re-install Word Press. I deleted all the old files including the database and started fresh.


I still cannot leave comments to my atricles. Is there a security setting I need to like 666 to some file or folder? I installed Wordpress to the root www folder.


Thanks for you help. My site is http://www.n-ctrl.com

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I have been working on it since I had posted my question. I went back to the options and combed through them one by one and found one that was set to: Site Admin must approve all posts. I uncehcked it and it looks like this is working fine.


For anyone else with this issue that option is under

>Options | Discussions | Before a comment Appears



Sounds logical now that I found it, but it took creating a post here in order for me to find it. :)


Thank you for looking into this for me Raul.

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If you are going to turn off moderation of comments I suggest that you install Spam Karma to help prevent comment spam.



I've had very good luck with using AuthImage http://www.gudlyf.com/index.php?p=376 to prevent comment spam. It's a captcha, which means that there's an extra step for people leaving comments, but it's a pretty easy step and it's worked perfectly, 100% of the time.


However, I recently ran into a first-time problem with trackback spam. I turned off trackbacks completely, which took care of that, but maybe I should give spam-karma a try if it works to prevent trackback spam, too.

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