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Problem Upgrading MT 2.65 to 3.15


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Okay. Based on your e-mail from today, I tried to update MT from v. 2.65 to 3.15. However, it's now not working.


Before I am told that TCH doesn't "support" 3rd party software or scripts, I want to emphasize that the primary reason I switched to TCH was because you offered to migrate my site - including MT.


I have followed sixapart's instructions. I have uploaded all of the new files except one (see below).


When I try to run the upgrade scripts (mt-upgrade30.cgi & mt-upgrade31.cgi), I get the following message:


"You have not yet upgraded to the 3.0 version of MT. Please do that before you run this script. Exiting..."


Back to uploading files. I am unable to upload a new version of mt-tb.cgi. I get messages (both in the ftp and the cpanel) that it cannot read mt-tb.cgi. I cannot move it. I cannot delete it. I cannot rename it. Moreover, I cannot change its permission to 755. It is currently set at 0 (zero).


Could this be causing the problem? If so, how can I replace this file with the new one?


Thanks in advance.

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I have found, from personal experience (and I have installed MT many times) that it's usually less of a headache (especially with big version changes) to do a fresh install of the new version and then import your entries.

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Hello, fool. And welcome to the family! :clapping:


As for the MT upgrade, I don't use MT so I can't be much of a help but I was also going to suggest that you try to do a clean install and import your old entries then. As Funkalicious said, many times this is much less of a headache than to upgrade your current version - not only with MT but with many other software packages.


I'm also moving this into a more appropriate forum, for better exposure and organization.

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Just remember that if you do a fresh install you willl lose - not only your entries, but your templates as well. Those do NOT get exported.


I would suggest that you post in the MT forums if nooone here has a suggestion. Reinstalling for an ugprade should never be necessary withi any script. I'm sure that they've seen this problem many times over there. =)

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