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Helping The Family Keep Scripts Up-to-date


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Greetings everyone,


I had a chat with TCH-Andy today about the script updates issue. It turned out that we both had been thinking the same idea.


Would you find it helpful if I publish (once a week) a list of the current version of the most popular scripts here in the forum?


This would mean that you could check on the status here to see if a new version is out. Then simply go to the site, download it and install it.


If you have problems installing the update, I am sure that lots of the 5000+ members are willing to assist you.


If you like this idea, please post in this thread which scripts you are using.


Please note: This does not mean I can keep track on all scripts in the world, but I will do my best to keep track on the most poular ones. It is your responsibility to double-check.


Thank you in advance,


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A great idea. Your idea will focus on those scripts hosted on totalchoicehosting.com. I have decided to move away from Moveable Type...partly because of security issues and new licensing matters, but mainly because users have found other scripts are more user-friendly; the present installations are being deleted.


In the meantime, I have been trawling around trying to find if a script update centre that already exists....with particular reference to security issues.

So far I have not been able to find a global central depository of updates...


This one appears to be useful....




However, since most users will not be using an enormous number of scripts, perhaps the best way at the moment is to go to the homepage of the originators/authors of the scripts...or at least to subscribe to their updates mailing list or forums.

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Hmm a weekly updates seems to me to be too much. Very few scripts are updated weekly unless some serious bugs are found. Perhaps make it fortnightly or monthly. Weekly, I think, is too often.


In terms of Movable Type versions about 3.0 you should have a news box on the blog listing page (right after you log in). This is a convinient way to keep up to date with news about MT updates.

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