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Look in /Skin/s1/skin_global.php


You should be able to find;


><table width='100%' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' background='{$ibforums->vars['img_url']}/header_tile.gif'>
<td align='left'><a href='{$ibforums->base_url}' title='Board Home'><img src='{$ibforums->vars['img_url']}/logo.jpg' alt='Powered by Invision Power Board' ....
 <td align='right' valign='middle' background='{$ibforums->vars['img_url']}/header_tile.gif'><!--IBF.BANNER--></td>


You can then replace the code here for your own logo and background.


Can you provide a link to the site and the logo you have uploaded?

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In your cPanel click on File manager, it will open a new window. Click on the folders for public_html, then invisionboard, then style_images and finaly the folder for 1. In there you will find a file called logo4.gif and one called logo4.old. Rename logo4.gif to logo4.bak and then rename logo4.old to logo4.gif.


Once you have that done, have a look at your board and tell me if it made a difference.

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In the file /Skin/s1/skin_global.php


fine the section;


><div id='logostrip'>
 <a href='{$ibforums->base_url}' title='Board Home'><img src='{$ibforums->vars['img_url']}/logo4.gif' alt='Powered by Invision Power Board' border="0" /></a>


change the code to

 <a href='{$ibforums->base_url}' title='Home'><img src='{$ibforums->vars['img_url']}/logo4.gif' alt='verticaloutlawz' border="0" /></a>


and change the /invisionboard/style_images/1/logo4.gif to your big gif (not the small one)

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maybe it has to do with something else but ,, when i did what ya said i got rid of the blue bar up top right, but like when i click the round icon to clear the post in that forum i get? http://verticaloutlawz.com/invisionboard/i...in&CODE=04&f=11

but i copy and pasted and changed back what you had wrote up there. didnt help it seems. may be anothe problem. any info? thanks guys you are real helpful , i appreciate it




any help?

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First of all, are you guys twins or something, both asking same thing? :)


As for your problem. Is your forum very active? It sounds to me that something got corrupted and that you should delete this forum and restart.

Also, I will contact you by pm about something regarding this if its ok?

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Hiya, just havin a bit of problems transferring over my forums after the sever changed from .co.uk to .net


I know I need to find either a database item or file that contains the "$ibforums->base_url" ... but where to find it is the difficult bit. I've been trying for ages and al slowly and painfully losing my mind.


Apart from this the site is all good, just the code links to the .co.uk rather than the new .net


If u want the site, check out realms.gamingsource.net

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Ah no, ... um, is this forum just for queries from your hostees? If so... sorry, im not one of them. I just did a google search on base_url and got this.


Yea, im hosted on a mates server, and he just changed from .co.uk to .net as far as I can see... dont know why, but either way my invision board just doesnt seem to agree with the changes. Its all still there, but the code links to .co.uk rather than .net, and as you can imagine, thats causing problems.


I simply need to find the location in my file system, or in the sql tables, where the base_url is stored.


Any help would be great, cheers

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Cheers, I had checked that file, but it seems (probably because it was in use), it didnt save my changes. :P But now its sorted, now i just have to go through the sql changing all the instances of www.realms...co.uk to realms...net.



Fun huh.gif



Cheers though, for pointing me in the right direction.

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