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....best Way To Get Mp3 Files Indexed


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Do mp3 files even get indexed by search engines on their own? If so, are they indexed as stand alone files or is an accompanying text file required such as a m3u playlist?


And yes, before anyone asks, royalties, copyrights and performance rights are not an issue.


As always, thanks.

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Thanks. Apparently they do get indexed but it would appear that the links indexed are from the media player (WimpyPlayer) or the folder index.


For instance if I search for s03_Regina_Coelis_(e).mp3 with google you get ...


www.naugatuckarts.org/choir_mp3/index.php?SortBy=1&fdir=./ 2%20Spring%202003%20Vienna%20in%20Spring/


which is only a link to the folder it's in , not the mp3 itself. ... That would be ...





Sooooooo, I guess that it does indeed need the text link. :)

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