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Cpanel Awstats Not Updated Since Jan 31


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MY CPanel Awstats say "Last Update: 31 Jan 2005 - 16:13" It normally updates daily without exception.


Is this part of the recent server work that is going on in response to blogosphere spamming? And, thus, I should just wait it out.


Or, is this something I should submit a support ticket to get fixed?

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The stats do not update overnight if there was a medium to high load on the server at the time they were trying to run. Hence it can sometimes be a couple of days between runs (ie. If people are doing backups overnight at the same time...).


If you want the stats - open a ticket and they can be run manually. However if you're happy for them to be updated overnight next time - then it should happen automatically.

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I don't see an update now function.

You need to modify your configuration file. It is located in /tmp/awstats and called awstats.your domain name.conf.


Open it in a text editor and locate the line that reads:




change it to:




and save the file.


Now you should be able to update your statistics from the browser.

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