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Question About Back-up


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New person here wondering about buying a re-seller site.


I noticed below that you say you don't keep back-ups of your sites. If there is a hardware failure is there any back up provided or are people completely on their own?

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Just for a little bit more info incase anybody was curious... :D


Also, if you wanted to back up your site manually, then you can do so though CPannel under Site Management.


Always a good idea to keep some form of backup on your own, because you never know when the worse might happen. ;)

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Whew! You guys are fast!


Glad to hear about the back up. Thanks for letting me know. I had read in the FAQ section





Backup is critical for any website. Your data is your data. To keep the costing of our service low, we do not back up client accounts. This is your responsibility. So make sure you do it


It seems the Head Guru was referring to the individuals responsibility to back up their data in addition to the server daily backups. This is a sensitive question for me since my present web host had a problem with a raid array and lost a month's worth of data. Ouch! I had most of my sites backed up but lost some data.


It might be a good idea to edit that quote above to keep things clear for newbies like myself.


I am very glad to have found totalchoice. Things look wonderful so far.

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It is great that a backup is made every day but it's still a good idea for users to back up data as well. I made a mistake in cPanel late one night and hosed my public_html directory. I immediately contacted Tech Support and dropped a Help Desk ticket. By the time they were able to get to the request the system had backed up the server with my hosed version in the backup. I had an old backup so all was not lost and since I mainly run Movable Type I just had to reinstall it and the MySQL database was fine so I lost nothing.

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Hi, my hosting provider servers just got hacked, and they lost all their sites, including mine. They also backed up every site daily, but the backups were stored on the same servers, so it didn't help in the end.


Do you store backup information on the same servers as well?



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