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Feline Acne


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OK, get this... my cat apparently has begun suffering from feline acne. How in the world does this happen? She doesn't eat chocolate. Heck, she is on a prescription food from the vet.


Well, I had a kitten and then a toddler cat. Now I've got a teenager and I am pulling my hair out... just look at my picture and see what this cat is driving me... baldness, that's what!!!


Anyway, I did learn something interesting. Cats are apparently allergic to plastic or some such. My cat eat/drinks out of stainless stell, but she chgews on anything plastic around the house. The vet says this could have something to do with it. I don't see how though.


Anyone with insight? This is apparently a common problem?!?

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Yeah, we have a benzoyl peroxide shampoo from the vet for this for the time being. Said that most human stuff contains alcohol and is irritating to the kitty.

I am using it nightly right now and it'll hopefully go away. Poor furball

Gross, though... man oh man... so gross!!

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