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Interview With A Blog Spammer


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So it looks like this isn't going to stop anytime soon does it?


Did you ever think it would?


The internet is still quite young relatively speaking. These problems will be overcome by better technology, but new problems will continue to appear.


It's one of the characteristics of humanity. There will always be people who will try to abuse others for their own greed (whether for wealth, power, fame, convenience or other).


I just comfort myself in the fact that this is a small fragment of humanity, and that most people in general are inherently good.


However, the temptations of wealth can make many people stray from their core values. People like this Sam then try to justify it through denial that it really hurts anyone, and try to twist people into thinking what they are doing is "invited". But the truth is companies are spending thousands (if not millions collectively) to combat their greed influenced schemes (for the sake of the end users applications as well as the performance of their systems and networks), and users abandon their blogs because they get flooded with junk... especially junk they don't want their family to see (Hi mom, click here for some free I AM A SPAMMER!).


But yes... this type of "abuse" will probably always exist in some form, and we will continue to build tools to fight it.

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