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Got A Screwdriver?


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I'm in my computer room, door is shut. Get the urge to use the John. Go to open the door and the darn handle would just spin, not opening the door. What to do - what to do? :dance:


Ok, now I really have to use the John. :dance:


Found a screwdriver under a pile of papers and there it was, a screwdriver. (Yippie) At this time I've got this great lttle dance going on. :dance: (boy do I gotta go.) Unscrew the handle from the door and high tale it to the bathroom.


Moral of the story - Keep a screwdriver in your room (or a bucket) :dance:



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If I were caught in that certain predicament, I would need one or both of two things...

A new door/dorrframe

A good carpet cleaning company LOL


There is only one room in my house without a window... and it's a bathroom.

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