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I am trying to publish my website to the web using CuteSite Builder but it isn't working.

Can't I publish from this program, or do I have it set up wrong?

This is how I used to publish when I used ValueWeb as my host. I have tried setting CuteSite up the same way using my username and password for TCH but it doesn't publish.


This is how I have CuteSite Builder set up:

FTP Site Name: ourlilbear.com

Web Site Address: ourlilbear.com

FTP Host Address: ftp.ourlilbear.com

FTP Host Port: 21

FTP User Name: I put my TCH user name here

FTP Password: I put my TCH password here

Default Filename: default.htm

FTP Mode: passive


Does anyone out there use CuteSite Builder? If so, have you been able to publish to web this way?

Thank you for any help you can give me.


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There's no way to tell for sure that it is completely done. The way it works, you may be able to get it and I can't or even from one try to the next it may work or not while it's "working".


Check your welcome email and look for the IP address you can use temporarily to access your site.


Welcome to the family! Just ask if you have any more questions - there are lots of your new brothers and sisters with great answers to all kinds or things.

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Lee, you need to change your nameservers to point at totalchoicehosting

see this post for the same problem.


Then as Thomas says

set your remote folder to public_html

and the default page to index.html

and you should be ok


But if you want to publish before your domain name propagates to all the ISP name servers,

you can set the Host ftp address to the ip address from your welcome email

just the ip number don't add the user name after it,

leave the user name where you have it.

And the click the ip address link to your site in your welcome e-mail and you will see your site.

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:) You guys are great! I have my website published to the web now. I was a little over anxious to get it up and running but now I have to finish designing my site!


Actually I am putting this site up for my grandson and I wanted my son and daughter-in-law to be able to watch the website during the construction of it, thus the rush to get it published. I live in NH and they live in CT so the only way they can see how it is progressing is to go the website.


Thank you all so much for your help!!!!!


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