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Adnd Downloads Workstation

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Hello. This is where one of the best Dungeons & Dragons website (www.adnddownloads.com) has been created: in my bedroom!


I don't know if you want some details or anything so I'll take a chance and talk about my room in 2-3 lines.


First, you can see two main tendencies: fantasy & snowboarding. Fantasy's taking a good place as my website is about D&D. You can see of my most recent books on the left. For snowboarding, as I live in northern Canada, winter lasts about 5-6 months so you HAVE to like it. I think snowboarding's one of coolest sports on earth.


That's it. I don't you guys are too much fascinated by my little stories so I'm stopping now...


What do you think of Victoria at the top?


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