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Who's Really Responsible?


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I'm curently having an email problem and have been working with the helpdesk for quite some time now. Every time I submit information I get a responce from a different person. This policy leads to trouble... who is really responsible in this situation? The first person? The fifth person?


With my email problem it's very clear that the folks that have been responding just don't have any clue what the problem is. I sent a message explaining exactly what was wrong with the DNS zone and how to fix it and the responce I got was "Get back to us with details on how to modify the dns zone and we will help you." I'm the customer damnit, why should I be jumping through these hoops explaing how you should be doing your jobs? Why am I being asked to troubleshoot this?


The helpdesk needs help!

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Too bad it took a public hissy-fit to get the attention required to fix it.

Just a reminder to others who may be feeling frustrated, Bill and Rob, as well as others, are almost always available via IM or PM.


Everyone should give the helpdesk and/or the forum the chance to solve the problem first, depending on which is the best support method for your type of issue, but if there are problems and you don't feel you are making headway, Bill runs an "always accessible" shop and he has never refused to address a legitimate problem personally when necessary.


Please remember, though, that whomever you contact is not familiar with your details in most cases so be patient and start at the beginning and give them a chance to work on it. Treat them with respect and I guarantee you that it will not be dismissed.


I'm sorry your problem didn't get solved via the helpdesk. The "public hissy-fit" worked because Rob and Bill became aware of the issue and that's just the kind of guys they are - they won't leave problems laying around. I am glad that it has been resolved!

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I've never had quite the same trouble, but I would like to know if the techs can see the entire trouble ticket from the start to finish (even if a different tech picks it up later). If so, it makes is even more important to start a trouble ticket with all the relevant info. Then you shouldn't have to re-explain everything.


I assume that is the way the system works?

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I started to reply earlier but cancelled it. The truth is I was working through the Help Desk tickets after getting here about 4:30. There were a number still open due to the problems mentioned in another thread so I was working through them and catching up in the forums as well.


I came across the ticket mentioned in this post about the same time as I saw the post in the forums so I moved it to On Hold to deal with it personally. The ticket was dealt with on the Help Desk and solved there.


I've never had quite the same trouble, but I would like to know if the techs can see the entire trouble ticket from the start to finish (even if a different tech picks it up later).


The answer to this is yes and no. Yes, all techs can see the previous information if, and this is the problem that came up in this case, the original ticket is reopened when a reply is made. In this case there were three tickets opened at different times rather than all in one ticket. As a result all of the information was not readily available. Only three techs worked on the issue beforehand, not four or five as was insinuated.


To prevent such problems there are some simple steps to take. First, do use the Help Desk and supply the information requested. Second, make all replies to the original ticket so that it is kept together. Third, if you are not satisfied with a response, request to have the ticket escalated. It will then go to me and I will get it to whoever can best answer.


Please understand, Depco, that I am not saying that this is your fault. I saw the problem immediately when I looked at the ticket based on a test that a tech ran but that person had missed seeing something in the headers of the test message because they did not realize that the domain you were emailing was not on our server. That information was in the previous ticket but not in the opened one.


I disagree with the statement that the Help Desk needs help. We answer a lot of tickets every day and I think it is working very well. Unfortunately, we are all human and will make some mistakes.

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THanks for the detailed info. On my first trouble ticket I made the mistake of opening up a new one instead of simply adding to the old one...so probably a common mistake. :) I've since learned better!


One other related issue. What if you have two "admins" for an account and both guys submit a trouble ticket for xyz.com, but they each use their own email account for tracking and response. Can the techs see that xyz.com just got two tickets for it (possilbly for the same issue), or will it go to two different tech support gurus? The reason I ask is that my site, and I'm sure others as well, have 2 or more "trusted" people that I give the needed info so they can submit trouble tickets while I'm asleep or out of town or whatever. However, on occassion, we will both be around and both submit tickets. This is also important if I want to illustrate an ongoing problem, some tickets submitted by me, and some submitted by my partner, both for xyz.com, but under different email addresses.


Hmm, I guess I could solve that by creating a forwarded group email account and throwing all of our names into it so we all can use one unified account for tracking purposes...

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Thanks Rick for the explanation and for fixing the problem last night.


It's true there were three tickets opened. I was getting a "bad email address or ticket key?" (something like that) error when trying to respond to the first two tickets. Probably my fault somehow. Anyhow, for some reason the third ticket let me reply. I did address my later questions to the tech who first started to help me so there was an indication that previous conversations were held. They could have/should have been reviewed by subsequent techs???


Yes "only" three techs had been involved at that point but they didn't understand the problem even after I got outside technical help and gave them the answer. My point was "how many techs need to be involved before someone (higher up?) takes responsibility?"


My opinion was that the help desk needed help... from someone higher up. That is exactly what happened with Rob responding to my forum post and finally Rick resolving the problem.


The email problem is now solved and based on the number of replieson the forum from TCH employees my point has been clearly made.


Thanks for listening.

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