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Really Basic Php Scripting Question


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This should be a simple question for anyone with an understanding of php, but the answer is eluding me... ;)


I am installing SMePoll, which is a really simple script for polling on a Web site. I'm all set up with it. The poll appears on a page called vote.php.


I want to place this poll on my index page. So how do I include the script located in a file called vote.php on my index page?


Obviously my index page needs to be a .php page. I do know that much :)


What line of php code do I use on my index page to call up vote.php and insert the content (i.e. polling box) into that place on my index page?


Any help would be appreciated!! :tchrocks:

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Hello TOWebstress,

what you would need to do is use a include statement like this one

You would copy this line into your index.php file where you want the poll to appear.

Change where it says YOUR_PATH to the location of your vote file

if it is in a folder under the public_html folder

if not simple remove the YOUR_PATH/ from the line and you should be good to go


><?php include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."YOUR_PATH/vote.php"; ?>



let us know if you need help



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Wow, you're fast! Thank you very much Robert!


I wasn't too far off in my attempts, actually. Your code did successfully link it, but I'm still having problems. The vote.php is dependent upon a couple other files (ip.txt and data.txt) and it can't seem to find those. It gives me lines of error that say:


Warning: file(ip.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 35


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 37


Warning: file(data.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 67


Would it matter that the index page that I'm going to put this on is in a secured section of my site? That is, the index page is password-protected, but the polling script pages are not.


Thank you very much again!!!

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