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Mambo Cms Resource Hogging


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Hi All,


I posted a question about Mambo in another thread and was told to be careful with it because it can be a resource hog. I was also advised to search the forums and read up.


Not a bad idea. I did so and read every post about it. The only thing ever posted about Mambo, besides the fact that people like it, is that it is a resource hog on shared servers and can get your site suspended.


In one post, a user asked exactly what kinds of resources the CMS is using. His request was not answered, but because of the amount of posts in that thread it could have easily been missed. Being an IT guy myself I always find this stuff really interesting. Unfortunately, the position I am in does not involve or give me access to shared Linux Apache servers to test it out myself.


Can anyone tell me what the resource usage statistics are? And what version of Mambo CMS they are from. Most of the posts seemed to be pre-version 4. I am running version 4.5.1 and I believe its codebase was rewritten at some time. Additionally, can anyone show how the useage stats of Mambo CMS is compared to other CMS projects like PHP Nuke.


I actually ran a test server with Xoops, PHP Nuke, CPG Nuke, Drupal, and a few others. The only one that worked nearly as good as Mambo was Xoops, unfortunately it seems that most development for Xoops is done in Europe and most support/plugin sites are not in english. Additionally, Xoops does not have a good wrapper solution for non-CMS components like a message board or straight HTML page.


Just Curious,



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I do not have specifics at the moment and cannot say if it is the same in the newer bersion. In the past, owners of sites that had Mambo and had a large group using it ran into trouble when they had a great number of members accessing it. Smaller sites didnt pose a risk. Things may have changed since the newer version has come out.


Be aware, we do not police our sites. We only notice when they become issues. If you want to install it and run it you may, we just want you to know that if your site gets large it may become an issue.

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The problem I read about a long time ago was that when updates happened in a large site the CPU usage would go thru the roof. That was a way old version and may not even be an issue with the newer ones... I've not read much since then.


I found the info I had before in a Mambo discussion group... they may be able to help answer the questions of which size makes it go crazy.

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I have a site hosted with TCH with Mambo:




This site had run for 3 years with Mambo with no load issues. We have an average of 8,000 visits per month and sometimes up to 70 people at the same time.


I had an bandwiht overload and upgraded my site from starter to silver a couple of months ago. No problems with load issues.





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