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Xhtml And Omittag No


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Okay, here's the problem: I'm using wordpress now, which is all coded as XHTML transitional. However the templates are mine, coded as HTML transitional. So no matter how I declare the DOCTYPE - XHTML or HTML, it won't validate. When I declare it as XHTML it's hanging up on all my code that doesn't use />, but when I declare it as HTML it's hanging up on all the WP code that USES />.


So. Other than completely re-writing half my code (not a fun prospect), is there any way to declare the DOCTYPE to accept the other half? This is juse a personal site, not a business one, so it doesn't have to be perfect and I'm not overly concerned with perfect validation... however... I am currently having problems with non-IE users viewing my site and I suspect it has to do with the validation problems.

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